Terms of warranty

*** 1 year product warranty
Warranty terms

1. Warranty only for products purchased from the company and dealers of the company only with a specified warranty period according to the warranty period of that product.

2. The company will guarantee the damaged or unusable product under the conditions specified by the company only. However, the warranty does not include products that violate the terms of the warranty. (See the next section for details.)

3. The product warranty does not cover damage to the product caused by misuse or misuse as specified in the instruction manual and product care, such as use in damp areas or higher than normal heat.

4. The product warranty does not cover damage caused by modifications to the software and the product, accidents such as breakage, liquid contact or any abnormality. including from natural disasters.

5. The warranty does not cover damage to the product resulting from installation, modification, repair, alteration, or opening of the product by a person not authorized by the company.

6. Damaged or unusable merchandise and in its condition product warranty. The company will repair, replace the product or replace the spare parts. The warranty is the same period as the remainder of the original warranty.

7. If the product settings and information in the product lost when submitting a claim or replacing a new product will not be the responsibility of the company and dealer. The company and the dealer will not compensate for such damages. Therefore, users, please backup or delete your important confidential information or personal information from the product before bringing the product to claim or replace.

8. Warranty Label, product identification number (Serial No.) or warranty sticker must be in perfect condition, not torn, damaged, faded, tampered with, or covered so that the essence cannot be seen on the sticker.

9. The product must not be modified, disassembled, repaired or released by a person who is not authorized by the company.

10. The company reserves the right not to guarantee the product if you do not have a warranty card, delivery note. or a receipt, or proof of purchase to show.